Allegheny Chamber Players

Chamber Players StaircaseAllegheny Chamber Players Return To Downtown Morgantown


Monongalia Arts Center (MAC) is pleased to welcome the return of the Allegheny Chamber Players (ACP) to the Tanner Theatre on June 11 at 4 pm. Ten members of the ACP, including accomplished professionals and dedicated amateurs, will participate.  The Allegheny Chamber Players previous two performances were among MAC’s largest crowds. Its director is Christopher Wilkinson, Professor Emeritus of Music History, School of Music, at West Virginia University.


Wilkinson and ACP approach music in a way that is exploratory and enjoyable for its members, most of which have careers teaching music. Often performing unfamiliar pieces, they use it as an opportunity for self-discovery and creative expression, democratically electing the pieces they perform.


“These programs are created collaboratively,” notes Wilkinson. “I ask my colleagues which pieces they would like to perform, I suggest a few pieces, and we make sure we all agree. All the members are volunteers, all passionate about music, and I want them to enjoy playing together.”

The ACP has been enlarged by the addition of four new musicians who are joining six current members of the ACP in the performance of music by six composers from Europe and the United States.


Entitled “Music by Three French Men, Two Americans, and an Austrian,” the program includes music by French composers Claude Debussy, Jacques Ibert, and Charles Koechlin.  John Beall and Nicole Chamberlain are the Americans represented.  Beall’s captivating work for violin, clarinet, cello, and piano: “On Chestnut Ridge” from 1982 will introduce the second half of the concert.  Chamberlain’s work for solo flute, “Asphyxia” (2010), is a virtuosic and, at times, funny commentary on the challenges facing a novice flute player learning how to breath at just the right time within the performance of a piece. The Austrian is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  His pioneering quintet for Piano, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, and Bassoon, K. 452 from 1784 completes the program.


“As Joseph Wechsberg, a contributor to The New Yorker, observed years ago, chamber music ‘is based on give-and-take; it is civilized and egalitarian, it is a garden of musical fellowship’,” said Christopher Wilkinson, director of the ensemble.  “Following our concert on February 19, 2017, I was pleased to learn that four musicians from the community, all professionally educated, wished to join this particular garden of musical fellowship: the ACP, to perform chamber music. They are Samantha Bell (horn), Sara Kent (oboe), Stephanie Pratt (violin), and Jean Preckel (bassoon).  They will be making their debuts at this concert and are most welcome.”


These musicians join current ACP members Carol Beall (piano), Sara Beattie (cello), Matthew V. Held (bassoon), John Morrison (piano), Alyssa Schwartz (flute), and Christopher Wilkinson (clarinet).


Admission to the concert is $10 at the MAC Lobby Desk or online at monartscenter.com/shop. MAC is located at 107 High Street, Morgantown, WV.  Inquiries should be directed to info@monartscenter.com or 304-292-3325. For more information about the Allegheny Chamber Players, contact Christopher Wilkinson at Chris.Wilkinson@mail.wvu.edu.


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Approaching Happiness With Krish Mohan

Krish ImageApproaching Happiness with Krish Mohan


Monongalia Arts Center (MAC) welcomes comedian Krish Mohan back to the Tanner Theatre on June 3, 2017 at 8 pm. Krish describes himself as “a socially conscious Indian standup comedian and writer” and he regularly performs at small theaters, bars, comedy clubs, colleges and DIY venues across the country. He focuses on idea based stand-up tackling race, religion, immigration, relationships, political and social issues. With a quirky attitude, charming personality, and intellectual humor, Krish captivates and engages audiences of all backgrounds. He has been featured on NPR and in the Arch City Comedy Festival and the IndyFringe Festival, where his show was highly rated and reviewed. Krish is also the host, writer and creator of “Fork Full of Noodles”, a weekly series that focuses on societal and political issues.


Krish proclaims: “When you’re born in India and immigrate to the U.S., it can be hard to find a place to fit in”. He will be performing his one-hour show called “An Indian Comedian: How Not To Fit In” at the Monongalia Arts Center in Morgantown, WV and will feature local comedians Tawnya Drake and Zack Funk. Krish has toured across the United States and has opened various nationally touring headliners including Lee Camp, Stewart Huff & Cameron Esposito. Audiences have called Krish’s show “brilliant”, “hilarious” and “refreshing” as he “skewers mainstream American ignorance: a nation of foreigners doesn't seem to know what to make of them”. Find out where he fits in; Is it with Americans or the Indians in the U.S?


Admission to this comedy night is $10 at the MAC Lobby Desk or online at monartscenter.com/shop. MAC is located at 107 High Street, Morgantown, WV.  Inquiries should be directed to info@monartscenter.com or 304-292-3325.


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Jim Savarino Concert

mac-press-jim-savarino-photos-by-durbinAcclaimed West Virginia folk musician Jim Savarino will be performing his last performance in West Virginia before he relocates to the West Coast. Savarino, who has been sharing his Appalachian-roots, Americana-tinged sound with the region and the entire US for decades, will perform in MAC’s Tanner Theatre on December 10 at 8 pm.

Savarino, who hails from Wheeling, WV, has accomplished much in his years of West Virginia life. He co-wrote the songs “Grandpa Was A Miner”, “Old Roads Of Home” and “Deep Dark Mine”, with Trae Buckner of the Hillbilly Gypsies on their album, “West Virginia Line”. A version of Jim’s song “The Healer” was covered by the Irish Bluegrass band Carmel Sheerin and the Ravens. His song “Avoca by Night” is in the Smithsonian Folkways – Fast Folk collection. He has also received accolades from the Sierra Club, the Dutch National Radio show “Live uit Lloyd”, and his music was featured in TYRUS – A Documentary Film, directed by Pamela Tom, which appeared in the San Diego Asian Film Fest and Hawaii international Film Fest and the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

MAC welcomes all to attend and enjoy the classic Appalachian sounds on December 10. Admission will be $10, and refreshments will be available for purchase.

Photograph by Photos By Durbin

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Prospectus For Holiday Sale at MAC

Attached is the prospectus for the annual Monongalia Arts Center Holiday Sale. We look forward to your submissions!



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Bare Form

bare-form-card-frontMAC Goes Nude for November Exhibition

Monongalia Arts Center (MAC) will celebrate the human body this November with the return of Bare Form in the Benedum Gallery. This exhibition features pieces from all mediums created by a range of diverse artists.

The beauty of the body has inspired artists from the dawn of history yet remains an inextricable part of the human experience.  Our intimate familiarity with the human body bears the challenge to the artist, transforming that which is known into an expression of emotion.  MAC intends to capture that emotion with the return of Bare Form.

There will be a public opening reception on Friday, November 4 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm, with ribbons presentation at 6:30 pm.  MAC encourages all locals and students alike to attend.  The exhibition will remain open through 4:00 pm November 19.  MAC is located at 107 High Street, Morgantown, WV.  Inquiries should be directed to info@monartscenter.com or 304-292-3325.

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