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Rebel Rebel

Rebel Rebel Promo Image SmallGender Norms Shattered In New MAC Exhibition


Monongalia Arts Center (MAC) will unveil Rebel Rebel this Friday, March 3. The Artist Collective, Retrotique and Alien Gold are returning to MAC this March with additional sponsorship courtesy of Arts Monongahela. Rebel Rebel not only showcases ambiguity, fluctuation and non-conformity; it attempts to decimate socially-constructed gender norms altogether.


The organizations have collaborated in the past, debuting exhibitions at MAC that were inspired by David Bowie, Prince and the occult. The Artist Collective is spearheading a new movement in North Central West Virginia arts, pushing boundaries further and further with each new exhibition. The opening receptions for their exhibitions have included some of the best attendance the arts center has ever seen, according to one MAC employee.


John Michael Barone, the leader of the Artist Collective, when asked about this new movement, responded: “the ACWV strives to promote unity among artists and give a platform for free speech and expression in a non-competitive light but still create a challenging environment to keep the shows fresh and exciting. We abolish the idea that galleries and artists need to compete with one and other. If we don’t work together we all lose. We find the best exhibitions make the artists question their understandings of subjects that seem familiar, as this tends to make the viewers really absorb the message of the artwork and think critically.”


Barone cited Bowie, Warhol, Rocky Horror, Grace Jones and the Beat Poets as influences on the artwork and concept for this show, which celebrates some of the nuanced pioneers of gender nonconformity in pop culture, as well as humor and bold statements to challenge viewers’ underlying prejudices. MAC and the Artist Collective invite all to attend the opening reception with no admission on March 3, starting at 6 pm. The opening will feature New Wave and Funk music. Two gallery openings will occur Friday, including the eye-opening, environmentally-conscious Inside Looking Out downstairs in the Benedum Gallery; and Rebel Rebel, upstairs in the Davis Gallery. Both will be available to the public through April 1. MAC is located at 107 High Street, Morgantown, WV.  Inquiries should be directed to info@monartscenter.com or 304-292-3325.


Image: Untitled Photograph  By model Ivy Marie

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Call To Artists

Call To ArtistsCall To Artists – Rebel Rebel

The Artist Collective of West Virginia in association with the Monongalia Arts Center, Retro-tique & Alien Gold would like to invite all artists to submit work to REBEL REBEL – A blurring of gender lines art exhibition. The theme for this exhibition is the blurring of gender lines and the artist's reaction to feminine vs masculine roles and/or the melding and reversal of these roles. Contact ac.westvirginia@gmail.com to submit and visit https://www.facebook.com/Artist-Collective-of-West-Virginia-827406347309255/ for requirements. This show will open on March 4, 2017.

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Dog Years

img_8741WVU BFA student Jared Peterson will exhibit Dog Years in Monongalia Arts Center’s (MAC) Davis Gallery this December. This exhibition explores the themes of human interconnectivity through man’s best friend, the canine. The exhibition will also function as Jared Peterson’s solo Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition.
Peterson pulls from a vast array of influences to create sculptures. As he lists off his influences, one comes to appreciate his eclectic and abstract style.

“Through my experiences, I’ve concluded that the expression of any belief- through art, music, literature, or any other manifestation of cultural is language,” says Peterson. “I’m interested in the tradition of these modes of communication, specifically the timelessness of Neolithic and pre-Columbian ceramics, romantic and modernist poetry, pop art, Outlaw Country, cartoons, and folklore. While these subjects seem vastly different, I’m interested various ways they relate.”

This interconnectivity and the ability to tell stories through art bring his sculpture to life. Peterson uses ceramics as his vessel to tell his story, with etchings, slips and glaze added before salt-firing to add texture. He also places great emphasis on the storytelling components of his art.

Peterson was born in 1993 in Silver City, New Mexico. As a child of a geologist, he lived in several coal-mining states, including Wyoming, Utah, and West Virginia- where he currently resides. In 2012, Jared discovered his love for ceramics at West Virginia University. While studying English and working at West Virginia University’s college radio station as the music director, he stumbled into Jen Allen’s introduction to wheel-throwing class. Immediately hooked, he has passionately pursued ceramics ever since. In 2015, Peterson worked for twelve weeks as a work-study at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, and later that year, traveled to Jingdezhen, China to study at The Pottery Workshop for three months. Currently a student of Jennifer Allen, Shoji Satake, and Boomer Moore, he will continue to study ceramics while he finishes his English degree in the spring of 2016.

MAC is excited to share his unique approach to art and innovative style with the City of Morgantown this December. There will be a Public Opening Reception December 2 from 6 – 9 pm in the upstairs Davis Gallery. MAC is located at 107 High Street, Morgantown, WV. Inquiries should be directed to info@monartscenter.com or 304-292-3325.







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Cabal of the Hidden

cohCabal Of The Hidden

Monongalia Arts Center (MAC), in collaboration with Alien Gold, Artist Collective of West Virginia, and Retrotique, will unveil Cabal of the Hidden during the Downtown Morgantown ARTS WALK. In preparation for the Halloween season, Cabal channels the occult, the mystical and the surreal. Various mediums wil be featured in the Davis Gallery this October. Let your imagination run wild from 6 – 9 upstairs at MAC during ARTS WALK.

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For the Love of David Bowie

bowie zig 1On display in the Davis Gallery in from March 4 – April 2, 2016 is For the Love of David Bowie, presented by The Artist Collective of West Virginia, in association with Alien Gold, The Retro-tique, and MAC.

According to the exhibition’s organizer, John Michael Barone, “For the Love of David Bowie is a tribute exhibition honoring the innovative man who fell to earth. A man who not only changed the face of music but of art, fashion, and our modern culture.” 

The opening reception for this exhibition will be held of Friday, March 4 from 7 – 10 pm at MAC. Attendees are invited to come dressed as their favorite “fashionable, funky” Bowie incarnation.

While For the Love of David Bowie is on display upstairs in the Davis Gallery, Mostly Gardens by Daryl Gray will be on display on MAC's first floor in the Benedum Gallery.


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