Monthly MACscriptwriters Meeting

scriptwriters logo LONGMonongalia Arts Center (MAC) is pleased to announce that it will host MACscriptwriters on the second Tuesday of the month from 6 – 7 pm.

After great community response and a successful trial meeting of the group in November 2015, MAC decided to instate monthly group meetings for MACscriptwriters. The next meeting of MACscriptwriters will be held on Tuesday, December 8 from 6 – 7 pm at MAC.

“MACscriptwriters offers a supportive, positive, and encouraging environment with a focus on helping scriptwriters — both new and experienced — to bring their new works to completion,” said MACscriptwriters facilitator and local Morgantown author Theodore Webb.

MACscriptwriters is open to all types of scriptwriters, including playwrights, filmmakers, and comedians, as well as anyone writing musicals, living history, character monologues, television and/or any other type of public performance art. MACscriptwriters is an opportunity for participants to hear their script read aloud; get feedback; and make their own revisions before it is published, submitted, or performed.

There is no admission fee for this event, and all community members are invited to join.

For more information about MACscriptwriters, or to get on the group email list, email Webb at

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